The JOKE presents


New album | 12 tracks feat:TBF|Gipsy_Mafia|Koto_Brawa|Fethi_Nadjem|Milie




Next gigs

  • The 25/07/2019

    Kastel Stafilic (HR) Beach Bar

  • The 26/07/2019

    Knin (HR)

  • The 28/07/2019

    Silba (HR) All Silba

  • The 30/07/2019

    Becej (SRB) Pozorisni Klub

  • The 31/07/2019

    Novi Sad (SRB) SKCNS

  • The 01/08/2019

    Sombor (SRB) Cafe del sol

  • The 02/08/2019

    Tuzla (BiH)

  • The 03/08/2019

    Umag (HR) American Bar

  • The 04/08/2019

    Piran (SLO) Caffe galeria

  • The 05/08/2019

    Pazin (HR) Bunker

  • The 24/08/2019

    Ouville-L'Abbaye (FR) Festival des rapiécés

  • The 25/08/2019

    Puteaux (FR) Esplanade Mairie de Puteaux

  • The 17/10/2019

    Saint-Michel-Sur-Orgie Gambrinus



Accustomed to international tours and fed with multiple influences, The JOKE expands its errorist crossover. Some would say "International Citizens", others would call them "Witness of an era", the Parisian combo overcomes labels to deliver a music all on edge.

Basically funk and rock'n'roll in the soul, soukous, Afrobeat, hip-hop, ragga pass also through the mill of this band. Their message is concerned, and even appalled ... but never moralistic.

As if Africa and Balkans would met in a parisian cellar. A collective experience that leaves an enriching trace.






- 2019


Can't they just disappear? More than 25 years after... The Joke is back with the album Extralife. 12 brand new tracks sketching the world-as-it-goes and urging to change it once and for all. Join the uprising and stay tuned for the soundtrack of social struggles. Recorded by Niktus (FFF), featuring TBF (Croatia), Gipsy Mafia (Serbia), Koto Brawa (Burkina Faso) and Fethi Nadjem (Algeria). Welcome to Extralife.
Cover by Alexandre Eudier | Cynicom

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Lavoblaster Remix
- 2018

Lavoblaster Remix

Dubamix and The Joke have united their forces on this common project. Willing to combine the party and the struggle, Dubamix has remixed The Joke's album "Lavoblaster (2014)", see below. Between the dub and electronic culture of Dubamix, and The Joke's live music, the multiple sounds cross and collide in this clearly danceable album. It aims at opening the dancefloor where the social struggle should meet a refreshing party. As we say, if "your revolution does not dance, don't invite me to your revolution".
Cover by Cynicom.

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- 2014


This album has been recorded during a tour in Burkina Faso in 2013. Slowly, the local modern and traditional musics have infused within Joke's creations, to give birth to this atypical but esthetically pleasing fusion. In this album, you will experience the finest Ouagadougou's rappers (D-Oud, Busta gaeenga, Valian, Art Melody), some renowned Burkinabé musicians (Victor Deme, Issouf Diabaté, Bebey Bissongo), without forgetting other feats, such as Dubamix (France), Dubioza Kolektiv (Bosnia) and Djmawi Africa (Algeria).
Cover by Cynicom.

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En vente dans ce monde de merde
- 2010

En vente dans ce monde de merde

This album meets musiciens we met on the road during our last tours : Red Five Point Star (SLO), St!llness (HR), Antenat (HR), Vuneny (BiH), Wendlamita Kouka (BF), Zion Crew (SRB), Djmawi Africa (ALG)...
Here are 14 tracks with some texts still involved, some energizing rhythmic, some brass colors, and some rage tearing guts out.
Cover by Cynicom.

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Délégué Zéro
- 2007

Délégué Zéro

A 9 tracks opus, dedicated to party and fight came out in sorti en 2007. One o fthe track adapts the Jacques Debronckart's anti-militarist song : Mutins de 1917. This disc includes one track with the voice of Alex Tymar (Rien de neuf sous le soleil vert) and two videos.
Cover by La chevres aux epices.

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- 2005


4 tracks recorded between Fresnes' MJC and Avant-scene in Reuil in 2005. We can find in the 1st studio version of the Francois beranger's text: Le monde bouge.
Cover by Alex Eudier from La Barbouille.

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Procés verbal
- 2003

Procés verbal

4 tracks came out in 2003 with the participation of Mauricio Santana (voice) Arnaud Roland (trombon) and Zig from Human Spirit (tuba). This disc include a 10min video
Cover by Xavier Hamon.

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Le facteur humain
- 2001

Le facteur humain

The first real disc of the bend, came out in 2001, after few laborious cassettes.
This disc starts to be really old and it's no more available (sold out). If it does not look like our current music, it's quite funny to listen to.
Cover by Xavier Hamon.

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